CHALLENGE BREAST CANCER SCOTLAND is an independent breast cancer advocacy organisation. We challenge policy, encourage debate and strive to ensure that men and women in Scotland are enabled to make an INFORMED CHOICE on all aspects of breast cancer. 

Challenge Breast Cancer Scotland is lobbying government to


*actively seek ways to minimise women’s lifetime exposure to harmful environmental pollutants especially those known to be hormone disruptors


* ensure women are given up-to-date, evidence-based information on screening programmes in order to make an informed choice on whether or not to attend


* provide breast cancer patients with information on and treatment options for potential chronic conditions associated with all aspects of breast cancer treatment including lymphedema and post mastectomy pain syndrome





It’s not just about diet and lifestyle:-

  • You ate 5 pieces of fruit and vegetables every day

  • You took regular exercise and maintained a healthy weight

  • You cut out your evening glass of wine

  • You breast-fed your children and had them at the “right” time

  • You survived the menopause without resorting to HRT

  • But you still got breast cancer ……………………