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challenge breast cancer scotland is an independent breast cancer advocacy organisation. We challenge policy, encourage debate and strive to ensure that men and women in Scotland are enabled to make an INFORMED CHOICE on all aspects of breast cancer. 

Challenge Breast Cancer Scotland is lobbying government to


* improve breast cancer services for women already affected by breast cancer—especially those needing specialised treatment for lymphoedema and post-mastectomy pain

* actively seek ways to minimise women’s lifetime exposure to harmful environmental pollutants especially those known to be hormone disruptors

* provide clear, comprehensive and up-to-date information on all aspects of breast cancer treatment and services – especially on the National Breast Cancer Screening Programme


SBCC - The Castle, Edinburgh

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It’s not just about diet and lifestyle

Don’t think PINK, think …………………….

Prevention – a healthy diet and adequate exercise may reduce the risk of cancer. However, many lifestyle factors have a limited effect on breast cancer incidence and some of these are outwith our control e.g. age at first period; the number of children we have and at what age.

Influence — join Challenge Breast Cancer Scotland, an independent advocacy group, and help influence Scotland’s future health policy on breast cancer.

eNvironment —have you ever wondered why the incidence of breast cancer is increasing year on year? Have you thought about our environment and the cocktail of chemicals we are subjected to on a daily basis? Join the Campaign!

Knowledge – make informed choices! Follow our links to find out more about all aspects of breast cancer, including the debate on breast cancer screening.