What Can I do?

Follow CBCS’s unique 6 point code

1. Be aware! Look at and feel your breasts regularly and at different times every month. Know what is normal for you and be aware of any changes. Consult your doctor immediately if you find any abnormalities in your breast or under your armpit.

2. Be persistent! If you are anxious, concerned or convinced that your symptoms need further investigation, insist that your GP refers you to a specialist breast clinic.

3. Be optimistic! Nine out of ten lumps prove to be non-cancerous.

4. Be encouraged! If breast cancer is diagnosed, new treatment regimes are improving survival rates year on year.

5. Be empowered! Make an informed choice about screening and all breast cancer issues by following the link “About Breast Cancer”.

6. Be active! Help all women in Scotland by becoming a member of Challenge Breast Cancer Scotland and support our work by volunteering. To become a member or to volunteer to help with our work, follow the link “How to join”.