Invitation to Screening Leaflet

The new Scottish “Invitation to Screening” leaflet is now available online at For those women who would like independent information on the risks and harms associated with breast screening, may we suggest you log on to the Nordic Cochrane Centre* website and download their leaflet on screening *The Nordic Cochrane Centre (NCC) is […] Read more »

50 per cent increase of women attending GP’s with breast cancer symptoms

Recent reports in the press have suggested a 50 per cent increase in the number of women consulting their GP’s with breast cancer symptoms. breast-cancer-awareness-campaign-hailed-as-success.20546607 The ISD (Information Services Division) in Scotland have produced a report 2013-03-26-GP-Breast-Symptoms-Summary on GP consultations for the three months from September to November 2012. Whilst the actual figures are not accurate i.e. […] Read more »

Euro Parliament wants action on EDCs to protect health

On 14 March 2013, the European Parliament voted to pass the Westlund report on the protection of public health from Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals (EDC’s), which are known to be one of the risk factors for breast cancer. The report is the strongest expression of Parliament’s position on EDCs in quite a while. While it is a non-legislative […] Read more »

Scotland on Sunday report on screening leaflet . SBCC (now known as Challenge Breast Cancer Scotland) has once more entered into the debate about the need for women to make an informed choice about screening. The Invitation to Screening Leaflet is currently being reviewed and we have fed our comments into this review. The new leaflet is due to be published within […] Read more »

SBCC comments on the “overselling of mammography”

An article published today (3 August) in the British Medical Journal accuses a leading breast cancer charity in the USA of  “overselling mammography” SBCC has commented in today’s Herald that here in Scotland, the NHS could be accused of the same thing. The screening leaflet, which was rewritten 18 months ago and is being revised […] Read more »

SNP Conference

As part of our Campaign to reach out to politicians, we attended the SNP Spring Conference this weekend (10/11 March) at the SECC in Glasgow. We had a stall in the main hall where we spoke with quite of few delegates/councillors/MSP’s. Yesterday, we had a lunchtime Fringe event where we did a presentation entitled “A Greener Shade […] Read more »

Review of the Screening Programme in England

A review of the National Breast Cancer Screening Programme has been instigated in England by Prof Mike Richards, National Clinical Director for Cancer at the Department of Health. There has been much publicity in the media and articles can be found in the Times, Independent, Daily Mail and the Herald. There was also a lengthy piece […] Read more »

Post-mastectomy pain management

We are currently investigating the incidence and management of post-mastectomy pain. This appears to be an aspect of mastectomy surgery that is seldom mentioned or discussed and treatment of the condition can be somewhat random. If you have any experience of recurrent pain from mastectomy surgery and/or have received treatment for the condition, we would be very interested to hear […] Read more »