Invitation to Screening Leaflet

The new Scottish “Invitation to Screening” leaflet is now available online at For those women who would like independent information on the risks and harms associated with breast screening, may we suggest you log on to the Nordic Cochrane Centre* website and download their leaflet on screening *The Nordic Cochrane Centre (NCC) is […] Read more »

50 per cent increase of women attending GP’s with breast cancer symptoms

Recent reports in the press have suggested a 50 per cent increase in the number of women consulting their GP’s with breast cancer symptoms. breast-cancer-awareness-campaign-hailed-as-success.20546607 The ISD (Information Services Division) in Scotland have produced a report 2013-03-26-GP-Breast-Symptoms-Summary on GP consultations for the three months from September to November 2012. Whilst the actual figures are not accurate i.e. […] Read more »

Research from NEJM concludes increased risk of heart disease from radiotherapy

14 March 2013 – A paper published in the New England Journal of Medicine concluded that “Exposure of the heart to ionizing radiation during radiotherapy for breast cancer increases the subsequent rate of ischemic heart disease. The increase is proportional to the mean dose to the heart, begins within a few years after exposure, and continues for at least […] Read more »