Risk of breast cancer and residential proximity to industrial installations: New findings from a multicase-control study (MCC-Spain).

Abstract Breast cancer is the most frequent tumor in women worldwide, although well-established risk factors account for 53%-55% of cases. Therefore, other risk factors, including environmental exposures, may explain the remaining variation. Our objective was to assess the relationship between risk of breast cancer and residential proximity to industries, according to categories of industrial groups […] Read more »

October 2016 newsletter

As October approaches we are awash once more with all things pink – lots of organisations, singing from the same hymn sheet. If only women would adopt a sensible lifestyle, then the incidence of breast cancer would decrease dramatically and all would be well in their pink, fluffy world. Here at Challenge Breast Cancer Scotland […] Read more »

Details of Breast Screening Review released

Details of the forthcoming Breast Cancer Screening Review, which is being conducted in England, can be found on CRUK’s site at http://info.cancerresearchuk.org/publicpolicy/ourpolicypositions/symptom_Awareness/cancer_screening/breast-screening-review/ The panel has been carefully chosen to avoid bias – but, interestingly, no women on the panel. Are there no female statisticians in the UK?    Read more »