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Breakthrough Breast Cancer

 Breakthrough Breast Cancer is a UK charity undertaking breast  cancer research. The UK’s first dedicated breast cancer research centre was established by Breakthrough in conjunction with the Institute of Cancer Research in 1999.

Telephone: 08080 100 200


Breast Cancer Action

A grassroots breast cancer organisation advocating changes in USA government policy to prevent breast cancer through understanding and eliminating the environmental causes. BCA has also launched a campaign entitled “Think before you pink” aimed at highlighting the growing trend for corporations to jump on the “pink ribbon” bandwagon in order to increase profits rather than supporting campaigns for the prevention of breast cancer.

Website: and

Breast Cancer Care (Scotland)

Breast Cancer Care is a registered charity which supports women with breast cancer and offers advice on all aspects of the disease. Its services include a national helpline, leaflets and fact sheets and a network of volunteers who can offer one to one support.

Telephone: 0808 800 6000


Breast Cancer Campaign

 Breast Cancer Campaign is the only charity that specialises in funding independent breast cancer research throughout the UK. It aims to find the cure for breast cancer by funding research which looks at improving diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer, better understanding how it develops and ultimately either curing the disease or preventing it.

Telephone: 020 7749 3700


 Breast Cancer Fund

A Californian-based breast cancer advocacy movement lobbying for improved treatment and services. In 2006, BCA produced a powerful report entitled “State of the Evidence” which examines the connection between the environment and breast cancer. This report can be downloaded from their website.


Breast Cancer Network Australia

BCNA is an advocacy organisation, similar to SBCC, which concentrates on the women themselves, making sure they receive the best treatment, information and support that they need. Click on their website to see the original field of women (pink ladies) and be prepared to be overwhelmed by the sheer volume of grassroots’ support this organisation has inAustralia.


Breast Cancer UK

Breast CancerUK aims to identify and influence the research agenda in the areas of causes, prevention, and treatment of breast cancer, with particular emphasis on the involvement of those with breast cancer in the research process. Breast cancer patients are often the last to be considered when breast cancer issues are discussed. BCUK works to address this – a strategy that is reflected in its trustee membership – the majority of whom are ‘veteran’ breast cancer patients who have all been treated for the disease more than once.


Their present major campaign is No More Breast Cancer

No More Breast Cancer campaign

The No More Breast Cancer campaign argues that many cases of breast cancer are linked to cancer-causing agents in the environment and in our bodies, due to lifelong, low-level exposure to a cocktail of carcinogens and hormone disruptors both at home and at work.


Europa Donna

A European umbrella organisation for all breast cancer advocacy groups throughoutEuropeof which there are currently 39 member countries (As Scotland is not recognised by the World Health Organisation as a “country”, our membership is through Europa Donna UK).


Keith Cancer Link

Keith Cancer Link is a registered charity run on a voluntary basis. Its aims and objectives are to help the people of Keith and District who are affected by cancer and cancer related illnesses, families, carers and relatives with help, support, assistance, information and education.


Maggie’s Centres

Maggie’s Centres offer information and support to all cancer patients. Based near major hospitals, they also offer relaxation treatments, stress management and psychological support, in a serene, welcoming and non-intimidating environment. There are currently five Maggie’s Centres inScotland.

Website: (where the telephone numbers of each centre can be obtained).

National Breast Cancer Coalition (USA)

As a network of hundreds of groups and tens of thousands of individuals, NBCC speaks for women.  We’re not afraid to rock the boat. We believe scientists must get the funding they need for meaningful breast cancer research. We believe everyone must have access to quality care. We believe trained, educated advocates must have a voice everywhere breast cancer decisions are made. And we believe with Breast Cancer Deadline 2020® we can end breast cancer by January 1, 2020.

This is from their well informed website

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